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  11. Strong Submissive Women
  12. Stephen, I think we're in agreement. I don't think submissive=weak. It's just a matter of different tastes. I like a resistant woman not one that submits easily but I don't think one that submits easily is necessarily weak, any more than a dominant man is necessarily strong. There's strong and weak in both.
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  15. Thanks
  16. To the writer of "Finally" --
  18. I wish you the best in your search.
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  21. Strong Women
  22. Hi Eric,
  24. I am a strong woman. Many people would be surprised that I submit to my husband. I think I understand what you mean by "resistant". I would just like to add that I would not be attracted to a man at all who expected me to be submissive to the point where I lose part of who I am. Someone who expected a docile, obedient woman who did what he said, when he said no questions asked. I ask lots of questions and I call my husband on things if I think he is off track, illogical or just plain wrong. I tease him mercilessly sometimes and make him fight for what he wants.
  26. I need a strong man, someone who CAN handle me, who can stand up to me. Submission is not something for me to give on a platter. My husband appreciates my submission even more because I am not submissive. It is a gift that I give only to him. He expects me to tell him what I think. Submission from a strong, independent, intelligent, even feminist woman is a huge turn on for my husband. He calls it a gift.