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  15. by Sarah Cavendish on 2006 Aug 1 - 12:46 | reply to this comment
  16. How does Taken in Hand mean Immaturity?
  17. Carrie,
  19. I fail to understand completely how being in a Taken In Hand relationship has anything to do what so ever with maturity. I imagine that women in Taken In Hand relationships are as mature and immature as women who are in "equal" relationships. I can understand the inability to understand the why a woman may want a Taken In Hand relationship though. It is certainly not for everyone no matter how mature or immature they might be.
  21. I'm going to leave other women behind me now because really I can only speak for myself. Being taken in hand by my husband has nothing what ever to do with how mature I am. I am a full adult I can assure you. I am a university educated professional woman who is perfectly capable of doing a job that requires a lot of responsibility. I took 10 years off of my career to raise my children and any Children's Aid worker is perfectly welcome in my home at any hour on any day. It would be a waste of tax payer's money for them to come here, but I assure you I have nothing to hide from them.
  23. So if I am not immature then why would I want a Taken In Hand relationship? It is a fair question I think. It is not because I am incapable of surviving this world without a man. My husband and I lived in a pretty good marriage for 10 years that most would consider "equal". The marriage was not bad, in fact I think it was better than most. At least we never considered divorce. We have always been good friends, with really good communication. This is critical because it would be extremely difficult to have a Taken In Hand relationship without the ability to communicate with one another. Even though we had quite a lot of good sex, it was missing something for us. I never pin pointed what it was exactly until I came across male led relationships on the internet. I had a kind of "Aha" moment. I figured out that a Taken In Hand relationship was exactly what I wanted.