From John, 1 Year ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. To Whom It May Concern:
  3. I purchased a Tesla Model 3 on September 6th from the Dealer (Service Station) in Charlotte, North Carolina (Mathhews location) . I was told they were doing direct sales at this dealer, so, I decided to take a ride over. The person I was dealing with at the time (NAME REMOVED) asked me to take out my phone and place the order online and I did the entire process myself. After the process was done, he then took out his computer to check on my order and then proceeded to look for available cars. He found one that matched my order and he drove it up for me to see. Despite being annoyed with the entire order process, seeing “my car” in person made me feel better. BUT, that was short lived, because upon inspecting the car, we found paint chips all over the drivers side door. NAME REMOVED then looked at the inventory again and found another, but it was already in service and he said “Better not take that one”. After reviewing the remaining inventory, he said there wasn’t any that matched my order. After checking his delivery schedule, he said it would be about two weeks before a car was available.
  5. During the wait, I decided to do my own research since NAME REMOVED did not tell me anything regarding charging or anything else for that matter. So, researching on my own, I learned that I needed a 15-40 charger adapter (which does not come with the car anymore). At this point, I quickly got onto and entered the following order:
  7. 1. 15-40 Power Adapter ($35)
  8. 2. Model 3 All weather Liners ($195)
  9. 3. Model 3 Aero Caps ($50)
  10. 4. Garage door Opener - Home Link - ($300)
  11. 5. Model 3 wireless phone charger ($125)
  13.   Shortly after I placed the order online, I received an email stating that my order was put on “HOLD”, because I did not have a VIN number. I was very confused and anxiety ridden at this point. I decided to go to bed and see what I could find out from the local dealer “Service Center” the next day. I called my Service Center in the AM and to my surprise, they matched me to another car. Sadly, this car also had paint chips.
  15. My next step, (pretty annoyed at this point) I got the ASM involved. Now, I am very upset and finding it hard to contain myself, because this is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience, not a terrible one.
  17. So, I speak with NAME REMOVED (ASM of my Service Center), he is basically brought up to speed with all my issues and before we get into anything I ask him about my online order. I am taking delivery of my car “soon” and I have no way to charge it. He basically tells me that there is nothing he can do but, if I add him to the CC of the order email, he can try to “Push” the order along. As for the car itself, he said he’s working on it.
  19. The next few days, we were emailing back and forth due to problems he was having matching me to a car. Finally, after various attempts, he found me a car for delivery. I was scheduled for pickup on Sept 9th at 2PM. I arrived at the dealer at 12:30pm, figuring there would be paperwork that I could get a head start on. This turned into a total disaster because nothing was done until 4PM (2pm was now changed for whatever reason). The kicker is, I couldn’t even see the car I was buying because it was being detailed. I ask if I could take a quick look and I was told ... not until it’s finished.
  20. Finally, at 4pm we started on the paperwork and this turned out to be the easiest part of the process. Around 4:30pm, the car is ready, after what the service technician called “extensive” detail work. Now, I finally get to see the car and as I look it over, I noticed paint imperfections and adhesive stains. Mind you, this is after “Extensive” detailing. So, I have the guy buff a few spots and it looks “OK”. To be honest, with all the time and energy spent on this buying process, I just wanted to get out of there!
  22. Now it comes down to finish my trade-in. They told me I had to have the Model 3 insured before pickup, so I arranged it. At this point, I believe I’m ready for delivery, but I was wrong. The service tech comes out with my license plate and tells me “We can't transfer your plate unless you re-add your insurance back onto the 2019 Toyota Prius” (my trade in car). I am looking at this person sideways and saying to myself “What is going on here?” I must have traded/bought 6 cars in 2018/2019 and I have NEVER heard of this. I called up my insurance and I spoke to them and they never heard of this. Again, because of all the frustration, I said “OK, let's just add it back!” so now this is over and done.
  24.   So, once I returned home, I remembered my online order issue and I decided to call NAME REMOVED to see if he could do something to hurry it along (I figured I was owed something based on all the frustration with my order). But again, he said nothing he could do. So here I am in limbo with all the parts I need for my new car, especially the charger adapter, since I would not be able to charge on anything other than 110V.
  26. In desperation, I order the charger adapter off Ebay, paying top dollar to get it. I could not wait two weeks for and again I am through the roof with anxiety and frustration because I can’t call or talk to anyone at all. When my Tesla order finally arrives, I send back all but the Garage door opener and the 15-40 cable. I got everything else i needed on amazon or ebay. (Days vs Weeks).
  28. Now we move on to my first week of owning the Tesla Model 3 - I walk out of the grocery store with my father and uncle and they notice a crack on my rear window glass. I naturally freak out and it seems to be broken from the inside (basically a stress break). I look around the tesla forums and I see this is quite common and typically covered by the warranty. So I was not too nervous about all this, but upset nevertheless. When I arrive at the service center, they inform me that the glass is not covered under the warranty. So, I contacted my insurance company and got the ball rolling on the repair. I decided to show the delivery manager another issue with the car. The front bumper had a few imperfections in the paint and he said he would have it buffed out. All the work was completed the same day, so far, so good.
  31. Week 3 of owning the Tesla Model 3 - I am getting into the car with some friends and the trim around the seatbelt area falls off! Now, I have friends making fun of me and my car saying things like:
  33. 1. Your new car is falling apart!
  34. 2. Why don’t we take my honda, it won’t fall apart.
  35. 3. Wow, I have to get one of these 44K cars - Great Car! (Sarcasm)
  37. All of this was VERY VERY embarrassing and I had to setup yet another service call. I decided to try mobile and they came out very promptly and “fixed” the issue. I put the fixed in quotes because I don't know how long it will stay. While the mobile guy was here, I showed him my trunk which did not look right. It was not a-lined right and created an uneven gap from the bottom of the trunk to the top of the trunk. He looked at it and said “Its in spec” , so I said OK as long as your sure it’s not a problem.
  39. Week 4 of owning the Tesla Model 3 - I attempt to open my trunk, but it feels like it’s 50 lbs! As I struggle to keep it up, my hand slips and it falls on my
  41.  head. I can’t believe what is going on with this car. So, again I call for the mobile tech and he comes and repairs the trunk.
  43. I have owned this car for less than a month and I've had it in the service center 2 times and mobile 2 times. I honestly don't know if I have a lemon on my hands or I just have very bad luck.
  45. I am writing this letter for two reasons:
  46. 1. I want to let Tesla know about all these issues
  47. 2. I want Tesla to do something about this.
  49. Sincerely,
  51. John