From Mammoth Owl, 2 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
  10. by Stephen on 2005 Jul 10 - 21:24 | reply to this comment
  11. Don't forget your whip
  12. I know you may find this hard to believe, but as a woman I enjoyed this article! I emailed it to my boyfriend and he loved it!
  14. I have to admit that I am nervous about the first time it will happen to me, but I do understand and I will embrass it will an open mind or should I say be-hind. Bravo! Bravo! I hope more men embrass this attitude and get their women in tow and in check!
  16. by a Taken In Hand reader on 2005 Aug 9 - 05:51 | reply to this comment
  17. Don't forget the Whip
  18. You write very well. For some women it's what we want... just make sure before you commit to someone that she's wired that way, though.
  20. Leaving that aside, the point is control - male control of what is done and when it stops. I respect men who take charge and take responsibility and know what's right. When I haven't wanted it, when it's hurt more than I wanted...(I'm not remotely masochistic), then it can have more meaning too. I am not particularly into physical punishment except as erotic play as it muddies boundaries for me, but it certainly makes things simpler when you know what a man can or would do. Ouch.
  22. by Hera on 2006 May 9 - 17:25 | reply to this comment
  23. I'm confused. When I spank my wife, she has waves of orgasms. Are you guys spanking your wives so it's painful and they feel ashamed afterward because they did something wrong? Or are your wives secretly enjoying it because they are getting off?