From Coren Fozz, 1 Month ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. The brother printer in error state problematic issue usually been caused by connectivity issue or having technical glitches with the printer itself. Once your Brother Printer is showing in an error state, you won’t get quality printouts. Therefore, now it has become necessary to annihilate the printer in error state problem as soon as possible. Below are some fruitful instructions we have provided to you. Give a brief look at once:
  2. •     First make sure Brother Printer is set as default printer.
  3. •     Secondary make sure the printer is well-connected to the Wi-Fi network and it is stable as well.
  4. •     Make sure Print Spooler is running.
  5. •     Make sure there is no virus attacking on your system.
  6. If you are confirmed about all these above effective information, you won’t see your Brother Printer in an error state during printing.