From Toxic Earthworm, 5 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
  10. So, now I’m going to have a main category for chicks, with the top 5 or 10 prospects I’m working on right now.
  12. Then, I’m going to have chicks separated out in different categories for what city they live in (since I’m moving cities and a lot of my numbers live in different cities as well), and then also have categories for what month I met them.  That way I can play the text them 3 month later game and in September, I can just mass text my June numbers and see who responds.
  14. I feel like this is where I need to put a lot of my focus now – on working my prospects.  It’s one thing to go to a bar, open a chick and wind up with her phone number – something I was never good at before.  I mean, before this year, I hardly ever went to bars or clubs – because I hated them.  I would only talk to people I knew when I went, and so the only time I ever met girls when I was out would be if somebody I knew introduced me to them.  It happened occassionally, but not often enough to where I enjoyed going to bars or clubs.  I loved house parties in college though – but that’s another story.
  16. Lately, this year, my whole focus has been on actually approaching girls in bars and clubs and not just being that guy that just stands against the wall with a drink in his hand.  I feel like I’ve come a long way in that aspect, as I’ve approached hundreds of girls while out and gotten a shit ton of numbers.  Let’s just say, I’ve deleted over 40 numbers this year….
  18. But, now I feel like working those numbers needs work.
  20. I understand a lot of them will be flakes, but where I’m at, I’m generally only seeing about 1 in 6 of them again.  Every 6 numbers I get, I’ll actually hang out with 1 of those chicks again.  The notch ratio is even worse.  If I had to calculate how many numbers I have to go through in order to get just one notch – this year it’s probably between 20 and 30.  No bullshit.
  22. I got to work on working these numbers better…  any thoughts, tips, suggestions?