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  1. Panama is the southernmost country of North America. Most people know Panama because of the Panama Canal, construction of which was started by France and later finished by the United States. The Panama Canal is one of the biggest projects ever taken up by mankind and it now connects the Atlantic Ocean via the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean allowing for faster shipment of goods. Most of Panama's GDP comes from the Panama Canal.
  3. Company formation
  4. Standard authorized capital is 7290 EUR which is divided into 100 registered shares of 73 EUR each.
  5. The company name may be in any language as long as it is different from existing or reserved corporate names in Panama.
  6. The business address of the company may be in any country
  7. Every Panama corporation must have an office with a registered address in Panama and a Panamanian agent, who is an attorney or has a law firm.
  8. Maintaining a company
  9. Every Panama Corporation must pay an annual renewal fee starting from the second year. For more information on Panama yearly renewal fee please contact us.
  11. Tax information
  12. Any Panama Corporation conducting its business outside Panama is relieved from all local taxes including capital gain tax, income tax, stamp duty on transfer of corporate shares and dividend and any other property tax.